About Varaich Homes
Varaich homes is family owned premium custom home builder in Melbourne region. We, at Varaich homes, are a team of experts who are committed to design and build beautiful quality homes for a new home owners. From start to finish we work with you to achieve your dream home.
We create outstanding quality homes to suit all type of lifestyles and budgets.

From humble beginnings Varaich homes has built a solid reputation for providing quality and value for money.

Why Us
Varaich homes is aiming to take their green design globally with a focus on how to provide luxurious houses with less impact on the environment.

We do things differently compared to other builders. Many builders don’t like you making changes to their designs, Varaich homes take the opposite approach. If you need to change any of our designs so that the layout and functionality of your new home is better suited to what you want -go for it and take as long as you need to create your dream home .Our fast and efficient construction along with our attention to detail is exactly why more people are choosing Varaich homes for their projects.

Varaich homes want your home build to be memorable for all the right reasons. We will provide you with a fixed price and build time certainty with no hidden extras.

Your future happiness is waiting

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